About Dave

Dave has been an Arizona resident for over 50 years. Raised in Phoenix with his four brothers and sister, he attended high school in Tucson. After earning his degrees while serving in the Navy he returned to Tucson where he currently lives with his wife Debbie D’Amore and daughter Brooke a freshman at Cal State Berkeley.

He has three grown sons, Brian, Nathan and Sean and daughters-in-law and six grandchildren. Dave has been active in his faith community of St. Michael and All Angels in Tucson for over 18 years.

Dave was a member of the Arizona State Legislature from 2003 to 2011 serving District 28 in Tucson. He served on Health, Human Services, Banking and Insurance, Higher Education and various adhoc committees during his tenure. Currently he is serving his first term in the Senate, serving on health, education and judiciary.

He has received numerous awards for his advocacy of children and families during his legislative career and had the reputation for being a reasonable, thoughtful and articulate legislator who reaches across the aisle to work in the best interest of Arizona. Dave is consistently endorsed by business groups as well as environmental advocates because of his ability to understand and work with others no matter what their perspective maybe on particular issues.

He is a Navy veteran, having served eight years in Iceland, Spain and the east coast in communications with the Naval Security Group. Dave is part of Operation Free a group of military veterans dedicated to freeing the United States from its foreign oil dependency and encouraging non fossil fuel clean energy resources be implemented and expanded throughout the United States but particularly on all military installations here and abroad.

Dave was the Chief Executive Officer of La Paloma Family Services, Inc., a nonprofit child welfare agency for over 18 years. He has been working in child welfare and mental health services for over 30 years, practicing as a licensed counselor and administrator throughout southern Arizona. He currently serves as the Chief Development Officer of La Frontera Arizona, Inc., here in Tucson.

David holds degrees in management, psychology and counseling and is often asked to speak to various groups about these topics as well as legislative issues confronting the State of Arizona.

Mr. Bradley is the author of Management by Essay a compilation of essays written to his staff over a ten year period of time and Pursuits of Justice, a collection of speeches, editorials and essays written during his tenure in the legislature.